Dr. Monika Lubitz has been working successfully as a lecturer for Japanese, German as a foreign language and English since 1991. It was during her stay in Japan that she first got the opportunity to teach German and English at various universities, as well as German at open university and English as private lessons.

During her studies in comparative linguistics she was trained in analyzing a language. However, she got her Ph.D. in Japanese Studies, Social Anthropology and Comparative Religious Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Part of her graduate studies she completed in Japan where she gained her first experiences as a teacher of German and English while gathering material for her Ph.D. thesis. In 1995 she passed the exams for the (old) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (highest grade).

While she was still writing her Ph.D. thesis, she also taught Japanese Grammar at the Institute of Japanese Studies and the Intensive Course in Munich after coming back to Germany. During this time, she also collaborated in the making of the series of text books for learning Japanese (Konnichiwa, Japan). Since 2001 she has also been working successfully as a freelance translator and interpreter for Japanese in her own company called Gateway to Business with Japan since 2010.

For more than 20 years she has been helping students to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (Levels 5 to 3) and Japanese working in Germany to enhance their knowledge of English or get a good grasp of the basics of the German language.

Since June 2015 the teaching material developped on the basis of the "Formula for natural language learning" have been made available for German native speakers. This is the main reason for establishing "Gateway to Language Learning"  as a seperate company. We have also established a cooperation with ISONO International GmbH, located in Nuremberg, for promoting an especially innovative way to learn languages fast to a level, where you can actually hold a conversation with a native speaker. So far, we have been training Germans in English, Japanese and Spanish, but are now starting to offer German courses, mainly for English-speaking customers. However, it will be easy to develop this material also for speakers of other native lagunages in cooperation with partners.