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German Course: Looking back on 2022

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GaLaLea has been developping a completely new business structure with a new kind of German Course over the past few months. As we were moving along at quite a fast pace and were busy with work, things have been a bit quiet here on the blog. And we don't like to talk about unfinished things. At the beginning of the New Year, however, it is always a good idea to pause and look back. In the following paragraphs it will also become clear why I am writing about "us": All of this would not have been possible without my partners.

New Partners with GaLaLea

In May 2021 I already began to open up a new path with Oliver Fuhr: We started offering an Advanced Course in Spanish for native German speakers in our webshop. Then, at the beginning of 2022 we had the opportunity to adapt our German Course for Chinese native speakers. Up to that point it was only available to native speakers of English or Spanish. For this purpose we brought Zhibin Wang as our China expert into the team.

Innovative German Course for China

In Juli 2022 the first German Course started with three Chinese Ladies. Since then we started a new course almost every month. So now there are more than fifty students in five courses. It is a pleasure to see how fast and well they are learning. All of them want to pass the B2 exam and then come to Germany to to work or go into apprenticeship.

Partnership with a Concious Contract

A successful partnership needs a strong foundation. That is why we took the time to develop a Concious Contract with the help of Menahem Kanafi. This Concious Contract had the purpose to define in a contract how we would deal with changes in the business of GaLaLea. That should prove very useful if one day we should find that we are not aligned in how to deal with a certain situation.
First we developped our Touchstome - what we deem to be the basis for a good partnership amongst ourselves and with our clients. In the second part we then defined how we communicate with each other and the process of mastering any change in such a way, that we all agree.

Then, on November 13, we met in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe to sign our Concious Contract. The evening was topped by a delicious Chinese dinner accompanied by lots of tea. For this, we would like to express our special thanks to Yan Yue, Zhibin Wang's wife.

German Courses in 2023

Last year GaLaLea mainly worked on a coherent (brain friendly) German course for China.This year we will be offering it also on the German market to the many people already living in the country. We will also have similar courses for nateive speakers of English and Spanish available soon. And we will also create a version of those courses for people preferring to learn on their own while still having someone to turn to whenever they feel the need to do so.
We are looking forward to another year full of adventures!