I’m no good at languages!?!

“I’m hopeless at languages! No matter how much I want to learn a language, I’ll never be fluent. It’s not worth the effort.” This … Weiterlesen

Vera F. Birkenbihl Inspires Our Courses

In Juni 2018 I went to Leipzig to find out more about “Learning a Language with the Birkenbihl-Method”. And I was even granted a … Weiterlesen

Mindmaps: Understanding How Grammar Works

It’s been years since I got to know Tony Buzan’s Mindmapping technology. Then I discovered Vera F. Birkenbihl using it also for language learning. … Weiterlesen

The Importance of Hearing in Learning a Language

Most people (at least in Germany) already are able to read and write their native language when they start learning a foreign language. With … Weiterlesen

Memorizing – the best way to learn something?

In Germany we are now entering the Easter break and there is much discussion about keeping schools open at any cost. There is a … Weiterlesen

Social Learning – Language Learning

How do we learn languages? A question that I have been asking myself for many years now. And I am always excited to find … Weiterlesen

Lecture on Learning Languages with ISONO

On February.24 2017 we had a lecture on learning languages with the ISONO system in Berlin. Some of the participants had travelled quite a … Weiterlesen

Is German too difficult for expats?

Just the other day I read an extremely interesting Insider Report by InterNations about how expats see their life in Germany. On the over … Weiterlesen

Language Learning with the ISONO Device

In June 2016 Gateway to Language Learning started a programme in cooperation with ISONO International GmbH & Co. KG. Here I would like to … Weiterlesen


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