ISONO-Gerät: Sprachenlernen, Vortrag zum Sprachenlernen mit ISONO mit Aktivierungskurs bei der Expolingua

Language Learning with the ISONO Device

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In June 2016 Gateway to Language Learning started a programme in cooperation with ISONO International GmbH & Co. KG. Here I would like to introduce just how the ISONO device actually helps in learning a foreign language.

How Does the ISONO-Device Help Learning a Foreign Language?

Gateway to Language Learning has always been working with innovative learning materials enhanced by strategies learned from Vera F. Birkenbihl, but just how does the ISONO-device fit in? There is a very easy answer to this question:  The use of this device containing audio data transformed to ultrosonic frequencies enables anybody wanting to learn a foreign language to kick-start the learning process by replicating the subconcious process of a young child learning its mother tongue. From the 5th month onward the child in the womb already "hears" its partents' and family's voices. This is replicated in the first phase of using the ISONO device. After its birth the child now can really hear its native language through the ears. Likewise, after 3 weeks the user will also hear the normal audio via the headphone provided. When the child starts speaking it will gradually acquire the competence to evenutally form complete sentences that are grammatically correct by repeating what it has heard before. Reading and writing are only taught later. These learning steps are incorporated in the next step: the activation course, which is absolutely necessary to bring to the concious mind what the subcouncious mind has been "learning" during the weeks before.

Why Is It Possible to Speed Up Language Learning With the  ISONO Device?

Through the technologies used in the ISONO device any language learner gets used to the sounds, the pitch of the voice, and even the sentence structure of the foreign language. When starting to study the language after the initial priming, the foreign language somehow sounds familiar - grammar is easy to understand and can be applied intuitively. As the learner already knows how to read and write at least one type of alphabet, he will be able to learn easily to read and write any other language using the same alphabet.

How about Reading and Writing?

The language courses enhanced with the ISONO-device focus primarily on learning how to speak a foreign language. That is why our teaching material uses mainly the latin alphabet. The activation course will systematically introduce the most basic vocabulary and grammatical structures using the strategy of decoding and color coding.There will be plenty of time to practice and use this knowlegde for the learners' own communication needs.
Other alphabets such as cyrillic or greek may also be introduced, as they are letter-based alphabets, just using a different form. Writing systems based on syllables or characters such as Japanese or Chinese are definitely too complex to be integrated into the activation course. They can be studied in a separate course.

At present we offer ISONO-enhanced courses in Japanese, German, English and Spanish, and are preparing courses in other languages, too. The activation course can take place either as one-on-one or group course in person, or as an online course via Skype or the like. The ISONO-Course is offered in the form of a Platinum Membership on this website as we are also developping a six-month self-study extension for sustainable learning. Just as the child keeps learning new words for a long time, and keeps using everything it has been learning so far for the rest of its life, the learner of a foreign language must keep practicing after the activation course.


A language course enhanced by the ISONO-device comprises four steps:

  1. Use the ISONO device for one hour per day for at least four weeks - completely passive.
  2. Additionally start hearing the audio of your chosen language from the fourth week onward.
  3. Book and take your activation course of 16 hours spread ideally over 2 consecutive days.
  4. Now it's time to practice every day!

Are you interested in learning German with the help of ISONO? If so, please contact me! I am looking forward to discovering the secrets of German together with you.