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What’s the Meaning of “Tsuuway”?

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Maybe you have been puzzled at the name of Gateway to Language Learning's domain? Why not use the name of the company itself? Today it is about time to solve that mystery, as "tsuuway" is not a term, that everyone is familiar with. In fact, it's s term coined by myself - putting together a Japanese and an English element. And there are good reasons for choosing this for our domain name.

Gateway - leading to about any place you wish

Englisch native speakers surely have been quick in spotting that at least the second part of the term "tsuuway" as"way" and thus something we are quite familiar with. A "way" can be understood as a "path" or in a figurative speech as "the way to do things". And both of those meanings also play a role in "Gateway". "Gateway" itself being made up as "gate"and "way". This is also why we have a japanese-like gate integrated into our logo.

If you search the internet for "Gateway" you will get millions of links zu websites, where the term is explained in relation to various fields of knowledge. After all it is also a technical term in elektronics and computer sciences. Searching for "Gateway to", leads you to millions of word combinations in so many areas, you might get dizzy. And there even is a website called "Gateway to Learning", where Learning in General is the main theme.

So how can Language Learning stick out in this environment? We had to come up with something unique:

Tsuu + way = Tsuuway

As this company is a spin-off from Gateway to Business with Japan it obviously was a good idea to look for a solution in the japanese language. Gateway to Business with Japan offers interpreting and translations from Japanese to English and German. And "tsuu" (通) has many meanings relevant to this profession as well as language learning:

  1. as a verb "too-ru" meaning in English "pass through": At Gateway to Language Learning there is a language tutor leading others through a gate to hone their language skills, not only in Japanese, by the way.
  2. as a noun "too-ri", in English "road", a kind of "way"
  3. part of "tsuu-yaku" (通訳), meaning "interpreter" or "interpreting". When interpreting the words of one person are being transformed by the interpreter into words, the other person understands.

The domain "tsuuway" aims at providing a way through to gate to mastering a foreign language, guided by a language tutor. They will be independent from the services of an interpreter and capable of communicating directly with the people of another culture. Is it worth learning a foreign languages? Definitely, yes! Being able to speak the local language will open the way to the heart of the native speakers. They will then be your guide to otherwise unfathomed depths of that culture.